Monday, 20 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 20

Tonight's tea was a pie from the freezer.

Served with mash, peas and carrots all from the stores.

I did spot some reduced chocolate teacakes when I took a parcel up the shop this morning so I bought those for 50p.

Today's spend - 50p

March spend so far £70.54

And a shopping spree (only kidding)

Today we went to Gloucester Quays - we had some money for Christmas and we have been on the look out for a new set of bedding. We found something we both like and which will fit in with our bedroom curtains.

It has a nice satin/silk look which I love, we also got some new cushion covers as well, I do have a few cushions on the bed for decoration.

We also went to the Denby shop as I needed a new saucepan as my medium size one was over 10 years old and knackered, we already have a few Denby items and they do have a lifetime guarantee. So we know it will last, we bought a £60 pan + a little jug for under £20. The manager gave us extra discount because what we wanted they didn't have in the stock room after she promised us they had it, and  she didn't want to lose our custom. So we were well chuffed.

When paying I spotted some cute little jugs at the till, I just had to have one.

So we enjoyed our little shopping spree, we did have to spend a little money, not much though. We could have saved the Christmas money, but it was a gift so we could treat ourselves and that is what we did.