Sunday, 19 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 19

Welcome to my new follower Julie.

Lunch today was cheese, crackers and pickles, the cheeses where from an Lidl shop a few weeks ago.

Tea tonight was just a simple pudding.

Hot cross Pudding

Serves 4

4  Hot cross buns - cut in half and buttered
Half a pint of milk
150ml double cream
2 medium eggs
50g golden caster sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
Chocolate chips

Icing sugar for dusting

Preheat the oven to 180 c or equivalent.

Put the buttered buns in a baking dish.

Warm the milk and cream on a gentle heat.

Whisk the eggs, vanilla and sugar together.

Gradually whisk the milk and cream mixture into eggs, vanilla and sugar.

Make little marzipan balls and dot over the hot cross buns, then scatter with milk chocolate chips. ( I did not weigh the marzipan or choc chips, this was just done to personal taste).

Pour over the milk, cream, eggs etc mixture.
Press down gently and then leave for 10 mins allowing the buns to absorb the mixture before baking.

Bake for around 50 mins or until set.

Remove from oven and leave for 5 mins then sprinkle with icing sugar.

This is basically a posh bread & butter pudding.

Today is a no spend day.

March spend so far £70.14


  1. Yummy, though I probably wouldn't bother with the marzipan.

    1. I had some marizpan left over from the Christmas cake.

  2. That does indeed look and sound very posh. I bet Andy would like that-x-

  3. I haven't bought any hot cross buns yet, I like to wait until the week of Easter. They have been in the shops here in Australia since the middle of January which I think is ridiculous! I might have to give that pudding a go!

    Cheers - Joolz xx

    1. Same here they seem to be widely available most of the year, we have had several packs already.

  4. We only eat Hot Cross buns on Good Friday and Easter Week, but a B&B pudding made with teacakes, or cinnamon raisin bread, is so good! I just use semi skimmed milk though {why? it's a pudding for heaven's sake! lol} I'd leave out the marzipan though, so many I know don't like it {me, I eat it from the packet} and even leave it out of some of the Stollen I give at Christmas.

    Have you ever made savoury B&B pudding with leftover sandwiches? Cheese, or tinned salmon work really well.

    1. No I haven't but thankyou for the idea. X

    2. Cheese with mustard, or salmon with some dill work really well.

    3. I will try at some point, ideal for a cheap and easy supper when I can buy the reduced bread for 20p.

  5. I've never had bread and butter pudding, but yours looks delicious.

    1. I make a nice cold sliced version as well.

  6. That pudding sounds lovely! And I love marzipan too x


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