Friday, 17 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 17

Welcome to my new followers Maggie & Shirley.

Well today is a no spend day.

March spend so far - £65.35

Lunch for me was half a 10p can of soup with some bread and marmite.

I just love meals which cost pennies.

Looking forward to not cooking tonight, our lovely son has offered to treat us all to pizza, he has been busy working long hours this week at the racecourse, so we kindly accepted this generous offer.

I have been spoilt since we moved here with the abundance of shops and bargains available and I have accumulated quite a stock pile. My March challenge is still going pretty well I think, but this year has to be the year of less spending, so I will be running doing the stockpile, using it all up (yes I mean it). When I need something I will only take just enough money with me so I don't get tempted when I see a bargain.
I will be carry on working through the cupboards and freezer, however I will have to buy fresh fruit, veg and salad, and a few other bits of fresh produce as and when needed, that is one think we don't go without.

I am going to turf out the cupboards and just make a mental note of what we have.

So from one cupboard today.

Plenty of toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner.
The bubble baths are for the hand soap dispensers.
Shaving foam bought for 50p, it is ladies but my husband is happy to use it, we also have cotton wool, cotton buds, razors. Only a few deodorants left, I buy them from poundland when we go in town.

So we won't be buying anymore of the above for quite some time.

Another cupboard will be tidied and checked tomorrow.