Thursday, 16 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 16

Welcome to my two new followers Karen & Jean.

Tonight's tea was easy, a pack of mince was taken from the freezer last night, and having a shelf full of different pasta's, it had to be pasta bolognese.

At the back of the fridge there was a tiny bit of tomato sauce in a jar which was used for pizza a week or so ago, it was fine so I used that along with a carton of pasata and some dried herbs.

I did however need to get some more onions, and I also got a few mushrooms.

Onions 74p
Mushrooms 52p

Today's spend - £1.26

March spend so far  - £65.35

Today has gone back to being quite cold, so it was a stay indoors day today for me. The new washing machine arrived before lunch, so I will be using it tomorrow.

After lunch I walked up to asda to get the onions and mushrooms and a magazine caught my eye.

I don't buy magazines anymore but the Edelweiss seeds caught my eye, they reminded me of our many holidays, the magazine was only £1.99 with two free packs of seeds which was very good. I know many gardeners are tempted by the free seeds on magazines.