Wednesday, 15 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 15 - An unexpected but necessary purchase

Today's grocery spend .

Milk and some cheesy rolls to go with last two cartons of "free" soup which we are having for tea tonight.

Today's spend £1.75

March spend so far - £64.09

Meals this week have all been very basic & quick as our son is working at the Cheltenham racecourse this week and doesn't finish and get back home until around 7pm

The unexpected spend

When we moved here the landlord asked if we wanted to keep the cooker, dryer, washing machine and fridge freezer. Most of you know our story when we sold our house we sold all the contents whilst living in an american rv, then we went back to renting, in the last place before this one we only needed to buy a tumble dryer. So we kept the fridge freezer and washing machine which belongs to the landlord, these were not part of the rental, it was optional if we wanted to use them or not. We bought a new cooker when we moved in.

So today I went to use the washing machine which is quite old , it filled up with water and then wouldn't wash and after a few minutes the water just started pumping out again, we tried several cycles and nothing, we could use the rinse cycle so I could rinse all the detergent out, then I could not spin it. We rang the landlord and as it was old and not that energy efficient he really wanted to get rid of it and didn't want to pay out for another, which I guess is fair enough because it was on loan really. 

When we move we were going to have to buy one anyway, so we ended up buying one online today, it will be delivered tomorrow. So that was £300 we didn't expect to spend today, the machine is much more energy efficient, uses less water and it even has this thing were you can wash up to 7kg, but if for example you only put in 2kg of clothes it weighs it and then uses less water, brilliant idea.

Never mind at least we won't have to go the hassle of getting one when we move.