Sunday, 12 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 12 - Oh dear I spotted some bargains

March Challenge Day 12.

Today we had Roast Pork for tea.

I need to buy bread again, so this  I went to Asda, I always check the clearance sections, two big cages had been brought out, full of reduced items, items which have basically had the packaging damaged in some way. No one was even looking at it.
I put as much as I could in my basket and then the store security man looked after my basket whilst I went out to get a trolley.

 Beans £1.00

10p a tin

More 10p tins

Two washing powders which I really didn't need to buy as I have plenty. £1.50 each.

4 x large bottles of still water 60p
4 x large bottles of sparkling water 70p
Lucozade pink lemonade - £1.25

4 packs of passata - £1.00

Peppermint tea - 10p
Tetley lemon and ginger - 85p

Some treats.

Crisps - 50p
Jaffa Cakes - 30p
Bounty bars - 50p
Milkybar - 50p
Crispy squares - 10p
5 x packs of oreo thins - 10p each

And also £1.00 for the bread.

Total spend £13.30

March spend so far £61.59 and we are only 12 days into March, I feel a fail coming on.