Saturday, 11 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 11

Welcome to my new follower Pauline.

Yesterday whilst I was roasting the chicken for the curry I decided to make a lemon thyme drizzle cake, when I went out to get the lemon thyme I was annoyed with myself as I had just cut it right back and repotted it, but all was not lost I had some lemon balm and so I used that instead.

Lemon Thyme or Lemon Balm Drizzle Cake

170g self raising flour
120g butter
120g sugar
2 x large eggs
zest and juice of 1 small lemon
2 x tablespoons of lemon thyme leaves or lemon balm finely chopped 

I just used to all in one method, put it all in the mixer together.

Bake at 170 c for around 40 - 45 mins.

For the lemon icing

140g icing sugar mixed with the juice of a small lemon.

After it has been out of the oven for five minutes, liberally spread the icing over the top, it is a thin icing so it will spread and run down the sides.


Today I spent £1.99 

£1.00 on some rhubarb from the car boot sale, and some cream 99p.

Tea was a salad.

Followed by a yummy crumble, with custard and cream.

I have worked the crumble off already, we went to the car boot this morning, then I planted some, petunias, nasturtiums, lobelia, livingstone daisies, hollyhocks, busy lizzie and alyssum. Followed by a weeding session, and then I went for a walk.

March Spend so far £48.29