Friday, 10 March 2017

March Challenge - Day 10

Today I did some shopping, some fresh things were needed.

We went to Lidl for a change.

 Some meat and cheese.

Pork for Sunday Roast, some bacon, a chicken which I cooked up for tonight's curry.

Veg & salad.

Some fruit, juice , rice and tomato puree.

Bread, milk & pappadums.

Total spend - £27.00

March spend so far - £46.30

That has pushed up the figures, I won't be buying much next week.

Tonight's meal was a thai green curry, made using some of the chicken, some peppers, onions , curry paste and coconut milk from the stores.

I spotted this beautiful "Bullfinches" clock in Lidl as well, it was only £3.99.

I put it in the trolley and was going to put it back, and then my husband insisted it was nice and if I wanted it to have it as it wouldn't break the bank so it came home with us.