Thursday, 2 March 2017

Making more of an effort

Hello and welcome to my new follower Joy.

I always feel inspired at the beginning of a new month, Spring is in the air and it makes me feel so much better, but today I have really been suffering with my back with the dreaded rheumatoid arthritis, I couldn't shift from the chair this morning and ended up watching back to back Nigella,  this afternoon I went into the greenhouse and made a start on re potting the herbs, as I grow them in pots I always give them some fresh compost every year. I also went for a gentle stroll in the sunshine, my mint has got diseased so I went and got another pot, I have to say I am feeling slightly better now. Time to start walking more as well now and shift some of the extra comforting eating weight.

Any way the title of this post is make more of an effort March,  which is what  I need to do, but not just for March we really need to knuckle down on spending this year. I have done well by keeping grocery spending very low for the first few months of this year, but still the cupboards and the freezer are full. We got some fresh bits and pieces a few days ago, so there is plenty in the fridge as well. So I am really going to try harder and I shall blog everyday through the rest of March on my spend and also show what we are eating. Doing a daily entry will keep me motivated.

So day 2

Pot of mint and some raspberries.

Total spend was £3.00 but I had an APG (Asda price guarantee coupon) to use so my spend ended up at £2.11.

 We are having Nigel Slater's Chicken broth tonight, I had leftover roast chicken and also made up broth/stock from the carcass a few days ago. I just adapted the recipe for three and also added a little frozen sweetcorn.

And some part baked rolls to go with it.

I made it and have left it on low in the slow cooker as our son is going to be home a little later tonight as he has gone to the cinema, and we always eat together.