Friday, 24 March 2017

Just another thrifty day

Just another normal thrifty day...........

Two lots of washing have been dried in the beautiful sunshine.
My dear husband has washed the outside windows with a bit of soap and free water from the water butt.

I have been out sowing a few more seeds.

The second table in the greenhouse has started filling up.

Today I have sown....

Lambs Lettuce
Mini munch cucumber
Regular cucumber
Dwarf Double Dahlias

The first seeds are starting to appear now.

Two free packs of Chicken from a shopping app.

Free food

I had some potatoes which needed using up, so it was homemade oven chips for tea with the rest of the reduced cooked chicken and coleslaw I bought yesterday and some beans.

They might be sprouting but they are fine, I don't waste a thing

I had some lemons in the fridge which I bought reduced at the beginning of the month. They were still good. 

 So while the chips were in the oven I  baked a lemon cake. 

Lovely lemon cake

And not wasting that chicken carcass, I made some stock for the freezer.