Thursday, 23 March 2017


I have enjoyed trying to use up things from the cupboards and freezer and will continue to be careful on the grocery spend, but am no longer going to blog about it everyday as I am finding it quite tiresome.

Today I bought this.

2 x packs of four Activia yogurts -  55p pack
2 x packs of four bread rolls -22p pack
Cooked whole chicken - £1.54
Coleslaw - 17p
Milk -99p

Today's spend £4.24

March spend so far £80.50

We need fresh fruit, veg and salad now, so I will leave it until Sunday and see if I can get some yellow stickers.

So eight days left in March, I am not going to spend more than £20 in the next week, so it goes to show I will of managed and hopefully continue to manage at the £100 mark a month, which I think is pretty good going for three adults.

On to other things........

At the end of January I decided to concentrate on my hobby of entering competitions.

I am pleased to say I have had some wins.
These are the prizes I have won so far.

A razor

Cut and emboss folder for cardmaking.

Adhesive fabric sheets.

I was informed back in February about this win and it turned up today.

What a beauty.

The prize value is £265 - we are well chuffed, we are not using it here but have decided to keep it as we can probably make use of it in the future.

Finally I am receiving a code tomorrow from a company so I can order £50 worth of skincare products from their website.

 That's not it I am still waiting on a few things, but I will wait until I get them first before I tell you what they are.

So not bad at all so far, anyone else had any good wins lately?