Thursday, 9 February 2017

Trying harder

I am going to make more effort to try and cut the everyday living costs right down.

I don't really like the washing machine which we use at the moment - it's not ours it came with the property. The hot washes go on for way to long and even the normal 40 degree wash can go on for just about an hour.

Our clothes don't really get that dirty or heavily stained so there is just no need to put everything on a really long wash.

I will wash bedding, undergarments, towels, cleaning cloths,and my aprons on the hotter longer washes, but for general clothing it will get washed on the quick 30 degree wash which is only 17 minutes. If any of the general clothing is stained or has any odours it can be soaked overnight in buckets.

£2.00 well spent

 The water gets saved for flushing the toilet as well.

I have always bought the well know non bio laundry detergent as we are sensitive souls in this house, but after reading about a cheaper product on another blog a month or so ago I bought these Esscents non bio laundry gels from  Poundland. Tesco also does a similar product for just a £1 also.

I have tested these and used the 17 minute wash and I have to say the clothes are just as clean and fresh as they would be on the longer wash.

So some good savings on detergent, water and electricity.