Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Sundays yellow sticker shop was very hard work, I don't seem very lucky lately.
This is what I had.

Sausage Rolls - (fresh made in store)  - 29p
Cheese & Onion Pasties - 29p
4 snack pots of berries - 9p each
Grapes - 60p
3 bags of spinach - 9p each
Cake - £1.99
Apples - 20p
2 punnets of strawberries - 9p each
Bread - 65p  
(I am buying bread again as my bread maker died)
2 x cucumber portions - 5p each
Tomatoes - 49p
3 x bunches of Roses 49p the lot

Still not to worry the freezer and cupboards and still stuffed.

I also have plenty of fruit and veg from the trip to Aldi the week before.

I am not going shopping this weekend I want to spend the next few weeks using up what we have. So I shall have a look at what we have and then work out what the meals will be.

Today I have finished off spring cleaning our bedroom, and then moved on to the next room. I am going to have another sort out of my cookery books, I had a big sort out last year and got rid of several but I seem to have quite a lot still.  I just counted 33 and then there are some more in the kitchen and to be honest I just don't use them much anymore as I prefer plain, simple and easy to prepare meals. So I shall go through each book carefully and if there are only a couple of recipes I use in a book I will type them out and add to my recipe folders.
I will check the prices on the book buying sites and if they are no good the charity shop can have some.

So have you started spring cleaning?
Do you own many cookery books, would love to hear what your favourite ones are.