Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Keeping it simple

I have a big reading list on the side bar of my blog, but these are only about a quarter of the blogs I read or follow, I am going to give it a tidy up over the next few days. I have been thinking about how I first got into blogging, it started by just reading a few simple, thrifty, frugal blogs. 

One of them being Ilona's 
Ilona is know as mean queen, but of course she is not mean, she is a lovely lady living simply and carefully within her means. Caring for her animals and walking holidays and being able to get out and about are important to her, this is why she lives simply so she can do all these things.

Ilona's blog is my favourite blog. Others which were favourites no longer are, some start off by making it a frugal style blog which soon gets taken up with ads and sponsored posts, well that's fine, but it's not for me. Other blogs I used to read were where bloggers did a lot of crafting, when I had the first Simple Living blog, I guess I was trying to keep in with the crowd, trying my hand at sewing and other crafts, but not anymore, it's just not me.

Other blogs I read like their posts to look like something out of a glossy magazine, again that's fine but that's not me either. I have learn't through the course of blogging, that I have to be me and keep the blog 'real'.

We like nice things and like days out and holidays, and we are happily to live everyday as simply and cheaply as possible so we can have these things. I no longer worry about keeping the content of my blog to fit in with other's, I will continue to  write about our every day "Simple Living" and the thrifty goings on in daily life.

Trying to dry washing in the free fresh air.

Thinking ahead - will get a few more packs of these- it will be cheaper to harvest these than buy in the shops

Off to the "Home" salon later for hightlights
I love our Simple life.

I am who I am and that's it.