Thursday, 23 February 2017

Everything keeps going up in price.

Welcome to my new follower Chris.

On my last post I picked up cereals for 20p a box which Asda were clearing even though they had a very good date, Scarlet mentioned she noticed the cornflakes pack had shrunk in size and the price had gone up, so I guess that's why they were clearing other cereals. It seems this is the case with lots of things in the supermarket, has anyone noticed any changes in prices or packaging sizes over the last few weeks? 

I also noticed the direct debit for the TV licence went up from £12.12 a month to £12.18 .  Also our phone tariffs went up by £2.00 as well. All these things add up.

Tonight I got one of my Nigel Slater books out and made this Spaghetti Bolognese.

A lot more work involved than just opening a jar, but  it was worth it, it  was very good indeed . We don't drink wine that often but finished the rest of the bottle off, well you have to have a treat now and then don't you.

 I was not happy  using all that electric just for one meal, so I doubled the recipe, which left enough for another spaghetti bolognese , and some to use for a lasagne at the weekend.

Saving me time and money, which is what it's all about.