Friday, 17 February 2017

Daily Bread

My bread maker died on me a few weeks ago, I don't seem to have much luck at all with them.

I have decided not to have another one.

I did have two big tubs full of bread flour to use up though and I wasn't going to waste that.

This week I have made two rustic style loaves and I have to say they were really good.

If I buy bread from the supermarket it is always from the instore bakery we are not keen on the other stuff.

I was just trying to work out if it is still cheaper to make your own, but I don't really think theres much in it.

I just googled about the cost of running an oven this is what I came up with.

Average usage: 1 hour every day
Amount of energy used per week: 13.65 kWh
Cost per week: £2.46

I also checked the bread flour prices, it seems to be 95p for 1.5 kg in the main supermarkets, I think it is cheaper in Aldi and Lidl.

If you bake it whilst the oven is on already that cuts the cost down a bit.

Tonight's tea. Homemade bread with Currywurst. Delicious.

Lovey Bratwurst

Any one else bake bread by hand?