Tuesday, 21 February 2017

A cracking bargain

I didn't go shopping for bargains on Sunday as I have been using up the stores. Our son wanted to go up to Asda for a few things last night, so I went for a walk with him.

I couldn't leave these behind.

15 eggs for 20p and dated the end of the month although they will keep longer.
They are free range which is all I will buy.

60 eggs for 80p. 

There was a whole shelf there, some horrible man was being greedy, he must have been a business owner, he was going crazy stacking them in his trolley, he gave me a right filthy look when I picked up some, but that wouldn't stop me. 

Omelette for tea tonight then and several egg dishes over the next few weeks.

Then I spotted some cereal on the end of an isle, 20p each in date until the end of October, so 3 boxes of choco snaps for son, which can also be used to make crispy squares, and 3 boxes of bran flakes, I have some of these which I am using at the moment , they are nice I do enjoy them.

6 boxes of cereal for £1.20

So £2.00 for all of the above.

Fantastic bargain.

If you have an Asda near you it is worth checking because they are regularly clearing products.