Friday, 6 January 2017

Today I added another £11.44 to my total.

So total spend for January £21.82

I didn't need the ketchup but this big bottle was reduced to £1.68 and has Sept date on it. The Cereal I didn't need as we have lots of Muesli but I can only eat so much of that until I get fed up with it, cereals are expensive so I will pick one up if there is a good offer.

 I had to pay full price today, no bargains apart from the ketchup.
We are going out on Sunday which is my normal shopping day for the reductions, but I wasn't going to get any this week anyway.

Next week I will just need bread & milk, and some toilet rolls.

Tonight's tea from the stores will be a pasta dish with the above garlic bread.

Tomorrow will be Omelette and spicy bean salad.
We are out on Sunday ( I will post about that next week).

Then I had a quick look in the first drawer of the freezer.

Monday will be cottage pie - which is already made in the freezer with some vegetables.
Tuesday Sausage, egg & chips.
Then I will work out what's next on Monday.