Monday, 16 January 2017

Thrifty goings on in the kitchen

This morning I took everything out of the freezers and washed the drawers out, it is amazing how much room you can make when it is stacked and tidied properly.

I had to make some room for some of my yellow sticker bargains from yesterday.

I love working in the kitchen with the pretty fairy lights on and with all my beautiful hanging crystals .

 First job the chillies .

What a lot I got for 9p.

27p for all of these peppers.

A few left in the fridge for some salads this week.

The rest for the freezer.

9p Limes .

The 9p Beetroot was steamed and pickled.

I had some plums which weren't ripening so these were stewed to have with some yogurt for breakfasts.

I still have all these so I grated a couple of blocks.

Saves time when there is grated cheese to hand.

For tea tonight...

One of these little pizzas each, I shall put some extra onions, peppers and cheese on top, served with coleslaw, boiled eggs and salad.

My 15p Bromeliad's 

My three bunches of flowers for 52p.

The 65p Jasmine has been put in the spare room until it flowers again.

The 19p Orchid was an amazing bargain, it looks really nice.