Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Shopping Apps

A few weeks I was asked about shopping apps, so I thought I would do a post about how they work.

I use checkoutsmart.com & Shopmium, I have the apps on my phone but when I use them I generally use the computer to upload my receipts, but either way is fine.

So this is checkoutsmart.com

You have to create an account and also have a paypal account so the payments can be made to you.

There are several items on here all the time here is just an example of what is on here at the moment.

Many items are free, others it will tell you how much cash you can get back, If you check mysupermarket.com and look through the supermarkets to see if that item is on promotion , that way you can get some really good deals, if you combine this with the promotion.

It is very straightforward to use, and tells you which stores you can redeem the offers in and how long they are valid for, some offers go on for quite a while others just appear and only last for a day, I check both the sites I use several times a day as new things are regularly added.

Today I took advantage of some offers on Shopmium.

My husband has an account as well, so between us  we got these completely free.

Both the crispy slices and yogurt breaks are on promotion in Asda & Morrison's for £1.00. 
The other offer says you get 50% off three packs, so if they are £1.00 each on promotion you are paying £3.00 and you will get £1.50 back. So infact in the end you are paying just 50p per pack.

I spent £16.00 all together.
But will end up being paid £10.00 back.

So using my account and my husbands account we got all of this for £6.00

Also my son has an account and he also did the offer.

I will not be adding our sons purchases to my challenge as he paid for the ones he bought.

So total spend in January now stands at £69.62.

It is creeping up but still doing ok.

So do you use apps ?