Monday, 9 January 2017


I am constantly trying to pay as little has possible on the everyday essentials whilst still maintaining the quality. 

I was reading on Sammie's blog about laundry detergent

So when I was in Poundland I thought I found the same product but it was actually different. 

I only use Non Bio and always have done, and it is usually one of the well know brands, and also I don't like strong fragrances. But still for £1 I thought why not give it a go.

So I tried the Aroma Therapy one this morning, I couldn't really smell the fragrance much to be honest, but I have to say it cleaned/performed just as good as my other products.

So up to 28 washes for £1.00 and absolute bargain. So I shall be stocking up on these next time we are near Poundland, and also I will go to Tesco and try some of the ones Sammie recommended.

Also in Poundland I bought two of these. Only 50p each.

I also had to buy toilet rolls, I buy these from Home Bargains.

18 rolls for £3.99

I have just had a look on the net and see you can buy 18 rolls cheaper, but these are 3 ply and are good quality, and I have been buying these for a while now, so I am sticking with this brand as I know it is good.

That was £6.99 well spent.

So that is another £6.99 added to the January budget. 
Total spend so far. £28.81