Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Welcome to my new follower Mari.

I was never much of a crafter or had many hobbies.   I don't knit or crochet.  I no longer sew, I was never much good at that anyway.  I made jewellery once upon a time, the only thing I really do now is a bit of card making. I am currently working through the last box of my card making bits, and have decided I am not going to make anymore.  It was handy when we lived in a small village and if I needed a card I could make one instead of paying a high price in the local shop. But now I have so many cards already made and living in the city I can always find a nice card at a good price, so there is no point in me doing it.

One thing I have done over the years is entering competitions, this is know as "comping".  I started doing this over 20 years ago, back then the price of a stamp was very reasonable, and I used to do a mix of postcard/postal entries and online.
I have never won the "biggie" a new car or huge wad of cash etc.  But I have won some very nice things over the years. 

The last 5-6 years I haven't really bothered that much just entering a few here and there as we have moved four times in seven years. But now I have decided I am going to get back into it big time. I only do online comps as postage now is so expensive, the only postal ones I would do if it was local. I am aiming to spend one hour minimum a day, but some days it will be more than that, I will not set a routine I shall do it whenever I fancy. I have always really enjoyed it.

I started again a few weeks back, but prizes always take a while to come through.

So hopefully 2017 will be a good year with the postman and couriers calling regularly.

Any more "compers" out there? Have you ever won the "biggie" or do you know someone who has?

Just a quick update on the grocery challenge, my budget was £100 with a maximum of £120. The total for January was £118.47. Very tight but I still did well.