Sunday, 15 January 2017

Come yellow sticker shopping with me.

Sunday is the best day for yellow sticker shopping here.

I don't always feel like doing it but it is certainly worth the effort.

Even though there were reductions around they kept being marked down further.

We had to just keep constantly going from one area to another, and there was a lot of hanging around today, but it was worth it.

We did very well today.

Take a look.....


Chipolata's  - 2 packs - 35p per pack
Beefburgers - 65p
Oranges - 9p
Mixed Peppers - 2 bags - 9p per bag
Sweet Peppers - 9p
Braeburn Apples - 9p
Mushrooms  - 9p
Creme Brulee pack of 2 - 59p per pack
Muffins 15p
Key Lime Pies - 35p
Clementines - 9p
Apricots - 9p
Garlic - 9p
Beetroot - 9p
Wholemeal Bread - 2 loaves - 19p each
Pizza x 4 - 25p each
Veggie Rolls - 29p
Chillies - 9p
Cottage Cheese - 9p
Shallots - 9p
Limes - 9p
Quorn Peppered beef slices - 2 packs - 9p per pack
2 x cartons of smoothies - 19p each
8 x Apricot fruit fools - 5p each
3 x Muller Yogurts - 9p each
4 x pots of Apples, Grapes and Cheese - 9p each
Coconut Water - 9p
Basil - 9p
3 x bunches of flowers - total 53p
Jasmine plant - 65p
5 x Bromeliad plants - 15p each

I am not including the plants and flowers on the grocery challenge.
So new total including todays spend is now £63.62.

Next week I will need milk and some dishwasher tablets and that will be it until next Sunday.