Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Christmas Bargains

In Asda they are selling of a few different designs of Christmas cards for 25p a pack, as I love Robins I thought I would have some of that design, at the till they were actually scanning for 10p per pack so I stocked up.

I had 14 packs.

Also these little cards were coming out at 5p per pack.

So I had 20 packs.

I didn't feel I was being greedy as there was a whole shelf full left .

I thought the smaller ones I could  cut down a bit and make into gift tags.

So that is 280 of the Robin cards for £1.40 
And 300 of the other ones for £1.00

I'd say that was £2.40 well spent.
It all saves money in the long run.
I have two cardboard boxes full of card making items and once they are used up I am not buying anymore, I will just keep some blank cards for recycling any Birthday or Christmas cards we get. So I am going to start making a few cards up every week now. 
By the time I have finished I shan't be buying cards or gift tags for several years.

Also today I picked up some magazines from freecycle.

33 Country Life magazines.
Cover price is £3.20  so over £100  worth .
I am looking forward to reading these.

I also have the Good Food and Gardeners World ones to read which I picked up before Christmas.

So plenty many hours of lovely reading for me.
Just because we are living simply it doesn't mean we have to go without.