Sunday, 1 January 2017

A New Year & A New Challenge

Yesterday I went out for my afternoon walk, I had to go into Asda to get some more milk and as I went in the door crates were being moved to the front of the store.

Taking a closer look it was items which had damaged packaging and some ends of lines.

I got some very good bargains.

Walkers six packs of Crisps, 20p, Snack a Jacks 15p.

Self Raising Flour 26p
Caster Sugar 25p
Non Stick Foil 25p

I confess I have never purchased a 'dented' tin before, but I have read up on what is safe and what's not.

Lovely Ambrosia Custard for 10p.

Some more 10p tins.

 Razor blades for my Husband, was £6.00 down to 60p.
I also spotted these Olay Ladies Shaving Foam for 50p, my Husband will happily use them.

Bread 10p.
Crackers 20p

Chicken Breasts 50p a pack

10 metre rolls or wrapping paper for 25p each.

These were £2.50 I got two of these, I was going to keep them for the gift drawer, but I expect I will use them myself.

One thing I have never really bought before for the simple reason they are expensive and also I do my own Indoor Bulb Planters, I always do Hyacinth's, I have several pots all at different stages, the idea being when one has finished another will be starting. But I saw these last two on the shelf.

Would have cost £14, I didn't mind paying £3 , so I have planted them up, and at least I can use the pots and plant them up again next year also.

Look what I spotted today.

Easter is appearing already. 

So back to the new challenge for the year, I have given myself a grocery budget of £120 a month but I really want to get it down to £100. This will include everyday toiletries and cleaning products.

Am I mad ? Can I really do it?
What do you think?
I think it is possible,as you can see how well I do on the yellow stickers.
I am going to give it a go, and I also use shopping apps and coupons.
I also have cupboards crammed full from all the bargains I regularly pick up and they are all in date, I never waste anything.

So it's the 1st of the month, the above shop will not count for the challenge as it was purchased yesterday.

I did make a few purchases today.

Bramley  Apples 9p

Chopped Tomatoes 10p a tin - 6 tins. 60p

Pate £1.50 
Meats 75p
Roquefort £1.17

I shall be keeping note of any purchases.

Total spend so far £4.11

I will be doing a store cupboard check and tidy up over the next few days so you can see what I already have and also a fridge/freezer inventory.