Thursday, 8 December 2016

Watching the Birdies.

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Before we moved here we lived in a very small town, it was classed as a town but more like a large village, we used to have a great big Oak Tree in the back garden, It was called Oak Tree House. One day I decided it would be nice to have a bird table. Very soon the birds started to arrive, we had so many visitors everyday we had a small  flock of Goldfinches ( I believe the correct name for a flock of Goldfinches is a Charm) also a small flock of Siskin's and also all the usually birds like Robins, Tits, Blackbirds etc we even had a couple of Nuthatches.  It was absolutely wonderful , they were very expensive to feed, but I didn't mind, they were such a joy to watch.

Now we are in the city it is a bit different, I have tried everything to tempt them in, we do get a few but nothing like before.
We have the bird table which had to be modified because of the Starlings eating everything, we have a suet feeder, seed feeder, fatballs, peanut feeder. I bought a ground feeder cage so I  could put suet and mealworms on the ground this is designed to keep the larger birds out, the sides are adjustable.

These are all the visitors I have seen in the last week.

 The Starlings getting frustrated, wondering how to get in the cage.

They don't go without there is usually a bit of bread they can have.

There are always one or two Magpie's around

A Dunnock

Female and Male Blackbird's

The Pigeon is a regular, he comes in for a dish of seed.

 When the bird bath gets frozen I always make sure there is some water available .

A Great Tit stopped by, he even had a look in the shed nest box - we did have Blue Tits nesting there this year.

The Wagtail waits for me to throw a few mealworms out for him.

A couple of Blue Tits popped by, before I could snap them they went in the tree next door.

Then my faithful little friend who is always out there singing away, he tends to watch me and is getting quite friendly.

He is gorgeous.

So how is the wildlife in your back garden ?