Monday, 5 December 2016

The True Cost of Christmas

I have just read an article from an newspaper website.
They say the average British household spends over £750 on Christmas.
This would be for gifts for friends and family, food, decorations, new outfits for the works Christmas party etc.

I bet most of that probably gets put on the credit card,and then obviously if you don't pay off the balance when the statement arrives the interest gets added on, and this is how people end up in debt.

It is just crazy.

We love Christmas, we do not buy many other family member presents, we do exchange gifts ourselves, and we do enjoy the traditional food, but will not be going overboard, we have all sat down and discussed about what we will be doing with regards to food.

We  will have a small buffet /finger food with a glass of wine on Christmas Eve.
On Christmas Day we have decided we don't really want a three course meal followed by cheese and biscuits. We will be have a roast turkey dinner followed by dessert, we have decided to have a light dessert, we will have turkey sandwiches on boxing day followed by some Christmas Pudding. Tea will be some Yule Log and Christmas cake etc, and that's it, we will not feel deprived. I have made a Christmas cake which I will finish off at the end of the week, I will also make Gingerbread, Shortbread from store cupboard ingredients. We try and eat healthily in the week but do have a sweet tooth and have treats at the weekends and special occasions. Then after these few days it will be back to normal sensible healthy eating.

I have £25 of Morrisons' vouchers which I have collected over the year.
£10 Sainsburys gift card from doing some surveys.
Jack has just given us a voucher which he got,(he also does surveys and product trials)

So we will not spend more than this.

So that will be our Christmas, some people go over the top , some people will not bother, we are somewhere in between.

I will leave you with some photos of the decorations.