Friday, 16 December 2016

Social Media

Social Media - We all use it in one way or another.

I used to have a Twitter Account and Facebook account, I only used these for entering competitions, then on Facebook I kept getting requests from strangers and just got fed up with it, so I closed both of these accounts as I only ever had one competition win from Twitter, most of my competition wins over the last few years have been through Facebook, but now I have stopped so have the wins, so I am going to open that account again.

I regularly watch and subscribe to You Tube channels.

My favourite thing has to be blogging, despite the ups and downs with all the nastiness this year.

Then I had a go at Instagram for a while, I stopped it, but now I am really enjoying it. I can see why people who used to have blogs have moved over to there.

I just had a google and there are loads and loads of things I haven't even heard of.

I very often feel I am spending to much time on social media  and online in general when  I  could be doing more productive things, but it is extremely addictive.

I have made several friends online who I am in regular contact with from blogging.
Next year although I am going to continue doing the things I do but in moderation,  I will be spending less time online as  I feel I need to relax and do other things.

So what social media accounts do you have/use?
Do you sometimes feel its taking over?