Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Getting Value for Money

Hello and welcome to my new follower Rita.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I see from looking on Instagram & by reading blogs, some people have had a very lavish and extravagant Christmas, whilst others have kept it very basic, we are somewhere in between. We do buy gifts for each other.

I have to say I felt rather spoilt this year,  my lovely husband and lovely son gave me a wonderful assortment of gifts, but this was my favourite out of all of them. They know how much pleasure I get from watching the birds, this was a very thoughtful gift.

My sweet little Robin has already found a mate and they are in and out feeding all of the time, hopefully it won't take them long to discover their treats and their nice new nest box. 
The camera will be going in the nest box on the shed, as we have already seen Great Tits and Blue Tits looking in it already, the Blue Tit's used it last year.

So after a lovely Christmas Day, on Boxing Day we went up to the town for an hour or so to see if there were any good bargains to be had, but nothing tempted us.
I will be going up the Supermarkets daily as they still have so much gift wrap, gifts etc which will still have to be marked down again, if you can afford it now is the time to shop for next Christmas or buy some cheap gifts to use as presents throughout the year.

As usual I have managed to get some good yellow sticker bargains.

Mushrooms 24p a pack
Parsnips 22p a pack
Courgettes 27p a pack
Carrots 10p a pack
Swedes 10p each
Organic Brocolli 37p 

The veg which is not in bags gets kept down in the shed and it will keep for a few weeks.

I have found a few other bargains.
I tend not to go mad buying decorations before Christmas, as with everything I like value for money and wait until I spot a good deal/good bargain.
I found these lovely baubles in the B & Q sale, orginally £1 each down to 25p each.
I really love the owls.

I have also managed to get a few bargain house plants, this Dendrobium Orchid, was in the garden centre originally £19.99 down to just £4.00 , it is a real beauty.

I also found these two baskets in Asda, they were £4.50 reduced to 34p each.

We have also had a treat and went to the Cinema.

We have just renewed our car insurance and had the option for 2 for 1 cinema tickets for the year, so we have done this and last night we went to see the new Star Wars Rogue One movie in 3d it was very good.

I also had a good find in Freecycle just before Christmas.

Over 50 magazines - I do love a freebie.

We love a bargain in this house, and believe in getting good value for money, I like nice things but don't like paying much for them.

So have you found any good bargains in the sales?