Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Getting Value for Money

Hello and welcome to my new follower Rita.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

I see from looking on Instagram & by reading blogs, some people have had a very lavish and extravagant Christmas, whilst others have kept it very basic, we are somewhere in between. We do buy gifts for each other.

I have to say I felt rather spoilt this year,  my lovely husband and lovely son gave me a wonderful assortment of gifts, but this was my favourite out of all of them. They know how much pleasure I get from watching the birds, this was a very thoughtful gift.

My sweet little Robin has already found a mate and they are in and out feeding all of the time, hopefully it won't take them long to discover their treats and their nice new nest box. 
The camera will be going in the nest box on the shed, as we have already seen Great Tits and Blue Tits looking in it already, the Blue Tit's used it last year.

So after a lovely Christmas Day, on Boxing Day we went up to the town for an hour or so to see if there were any good bargains to be had, but nothing tempted us.
I will be going up the Supermarkets daily as they still have so much gift wrap, gifts etc which will still have to be marked down again, if you can afford it now is the time to shop for next Christmas or buy some cheap gifts to use as presents throughout the year.

As usual I have managed to get some good yellow sticker bargains.

Mushrooms 24p a pack
Parsnips 22p a pack
Courgettes 27p a pack
Carrots 10p a pack
Swedes 10p each
Organic Brocolli 37p 

The veg which is not in bags gets kept down in the shed and it will keep for a few weeks.

I have found a few other bargains.
I tend not to go mad buying decorations before Christmas, as with everything I like value for money and wait until I spot a good deal/good bargain.
I found these lovely baubles in the B & Q sale, orginally £1 each down to 25p each.
I really love the owls.

I have also managed to get a few bargain house plants, this Dendrobium Orchid, was in the garden centre originally £19.99 down to just £4.00 , it is a real beauty.

I also found these two baskets in Asda, they were £4.50 reduced to 34p each.

We have also had a treat and went to the Cinema.

We have just renewed our car insurance and had the option for 2 for 1 cinema tickets for the year, so we have done this and last night we went to see the new Star Wars Rogue One movie in 3d it was very good.

I also had a good find in Freecycle just before Christmas.

Over 50 magazines - I do love a freebie.

We love a bargain in this house, and believe in getting good value for money, I like nice things but don't like paying much for them.

So have you found any good bargains in the sales?


  1. Love the little birdhouse. Hope you get a little family in there. I've picked up a few bargains. Reduced Xmas cards, ribbon, serviettes, etc. Some shoes, socks, a fleecy Xmas throw for the sofa, a few toiletries from Boots but my best barg was 2 free range turkeys - down to half price.

  2. Thankyou I am sure we will.
    Well done on your bargains, Asda did have some Turkeys reduced but I didn't have enough room. I shall be on the look out for cards, bows, serviettes etc like you in the next few days, they have so much left I think they will be reducing even more, I am just hanging on to see.

  3. What a brilliant haul. I love the birdbox and the little glass owls Marlene. Why did my OH not tell me about those at b and q :/. The little baskets are such a bargain too....Well done! Happy new year my friend xx

    1. Thankyou Angie, Jack and I were out on a walk yesterday and we just passed B & Q and thought we would just pop in to see if there were any bargains, they had 4 big baskets full of decorations,we were in there ages, we had to dig deep to get the owls. Yes those baskets were good because they can be reused again next year. Happy New Year to you my lovely xx

  4. My goodness, what wonderful bargains and such lovely presents, too! We were in Waitrose today, just getting a few things (sufficient things to earn us 'free' coffees and a newspaper, har har! - "That's not saving, that's spending, Margaret!") and the woman at the checkout behind me had three boxes of crackers, umpteen rolls of Christmas wrapping paper and some lovely boxes each with three pretty 'gold' baubles reduced to 50p a box! So I said to her not to forget where she has put them when she wants to use them next Christmas! I really should've had a look at the reduced Christmas stock myself but thought, No, that's not really saving money, that's spending money. I still have rolls of wrapping paper from several years ago and I'm still using that! As for decorations, we have sufficient, and daughter in law always buys the crackers!
    Love the bird items, Marlene! But oh, magazines, I have thousands and I don't exaggerate. I'm addicted to them, but only the glossy style monthlies such as Homes & Antiques, The English Home and of course, Period Ideas (for an obvious reason.)
    Sadly there seldom seem to be any 'yellow' sticker things in Waitrose (their reduced, if you can find any, don't have yellow stickers. But it's so rare to see any there, I can't remember what the sticker colour is! They're as rare as a capercaillie!)
    Margaret P

    1. Well you know me well by now Margaret, yellow sticker living is a must for us at the moment, and if I do want to buy something nice it has to be the right price, I do love magazines and used to buy the Homes & Antiques myself, once upon a time I would think nothing of going to the newsagents and spending £10 a week on magazines, but I can't do that anymore. The baubles weren't saving money at all but like I say if I want something it has to be a good price. I used to shop in Waitrose on occasions and have to say I found some good yellow stickers there as well.

    2. Maybe Waitrose hide their yellow sticker stuff so that they're not seen to be slashing prices on things close to their sell-by date, keeping up appeearances, as if they don't have things unsold! I will have to search harder!
      I have three mags on subscription and therefore get them just a little more cheaply than had they been bought over the counter. And as I write for one of them, that in effect, 'pays' for my magazine habit.
      Oh, I had to laugh, I saw some trout reduced in waitrose yesterday from around £6 for two tiny pieces to around £5. I left it there!
      Margaret P

    3. I used to find it all in one area. If you love your magazines why not as you say you effectively get paid for them x

  5. I got a bargain Marlene and you could have knocked me down with a feather. I was in Tesco at just the right time to get next years Christmas cards reduced to two pounds a box plus they still had the 3 for 2 offer on them so three boxes for four pounds. I was very pleased.

    After your information the other week about feeding robins we have sorted out a little area where they can get their fair share of the food and also bought another feeder suitable for them so I have been robin watching today too. We have had lots more than usual and I am thrilled to bits-x-

    1. That was good value well done, how lovely to hear about the birds, I am really pleased for you, they bring me so much joy xx

  6. Great yellow stickers as always Marlene. I can't fit anything else in the freezer so I'm having to ignore what I see.

    1. My freezer is the same, but I don't mind buying something I can use the next day.

  7. You are a bargain hunter like no other!
    I don't really go out to look for stuff in the sales, unless there is something I specifically want, I just cannot be bothered. But yesterday Violet and I needed to get out, we'd been home since last Wednesday and were going a little stir crazy, plus we had Christmas money to spend. I bought some hand wash in TK Maxx that I liked, and was now half price, then bought some perfume in Debenhams, which had a decent discount on it. My MIL always gives me money, and I like to make sure I buy something decent with it so I can tell her and thank her. Ooh, talking of which, it's her birthday today, she's 92!

    Love all your bird goodies, they really need our help now it's so frosty out.

    1. Lucky you, glad you found some nice things. We had some money given to us, we have already bought a new throw in Dunelm and will be looking for some new bedding and anything left over I will probably spend in lush, and maybe a new handbag. We could easily stash it away but it was a Christmas gift so we will treat ourselves.
      Yes the birds do need our help now, xx

  8. Lovely Christmas presents Marlene and some fabulous bargains there. I got a few extra bags of the low cost veggies before Christmas which I'm using to make soup. Thankfully I have managed to avoid the supermarkets for the last week but will need to go tomorrow to get some more fresh foods in for the week ahead. I haven't felt the need to stock up on more gift wrap and tags as I over estimated what I would need this year so it's carefully packed away for next Christmas.
    Sending New Year blessings. Xx

    1. Just what I am making today Jules some Veg soup, I shall also be making another one in a couple of days. I still have a couple of rolls or wrap for next year but will just need to get a few more. New Year blessing to you and your loved ones Jules xx


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