Tuesday, 13 December 2016


I am just decided what to do with regards to grocery shopping next year.

Part of me wants to simplify and  have less of a stockpile. The other part of me is saying go for it big time, as over the last year I have got good at yellow sticker shopping and have been using coupons and shopping apps more and more, by using the shopping apps many things are free, you simply purchase the item then upload your receipt and then you get paid back through paypal. On some of the items you can claim the offer more than once. Also if you use a coupon when a product is on offer you can often get it for free, sometimes I have even ended up being paid cash back.

I use mysupermarket  to check prices regularly and also check couponing and deals pages, freebie sites and shopping apps daily. It does take up time, and one thing I did want to do is have more "me" time next year.

But money saving should come first.

I was going to set a new lower budget for next year, but things are going to be tougher with all the price rises, so perhaps I should really make an effort and go into living off bargains and freebies big time.

If you look on the web there are always stories about people living really well by doing all of the above.

My cupboards are pretty full, but if you get the chance of a good freebie would you say no?

To stockpile or not to stockpile this is the question?