Tuesday, 20 December 2016

A random post about the last few days.

Welcome to my new follower Shabana.

Yesterday we went shopping, it is very rare for us to go to Tesco or Sainsbury's these days , we tend to stick to Asda and Morrison's which are only a few minutes away from us, the other mentioned supermarkets means going out and getting stuck in the city traffic.

So we went out to get the Christmas food & drink, the Morrison's vouchers I had collected this year paid for five bottles of wine, this will be for Christmas and New Year. We also went to Sainsbury's , the shopping there was all free using a gift card and some nectar points. The dessert only cost a couple pounds after using a voucher which Jack gave us, I also had a few club card vouchers to use.

We have got a Christmas Pudding but will have that on boxing day  probably.
So we will be tucking into this with some lovely clotted cream on the day.

The vouchers paid for most of the shopping. 

We got the turkey crown from Sainsbury's, and we popped into Aldi to get some Stollen, and we saw some lovely beef joints, we haven't had beef for absolutely ages, so we thought we could have some on New Years Day.

The beef will be cut into two pieces for the freezer.

I finished the decorating the Christmas Cake last week, and at the weekend I made gingerbread and some shortbread, I bought a yule log and the mince pies, I do usually make them but I really love the ones in Morrison's.

I have all the vegetables stored in a cool place all I need to do is get some sprouts in a few days time. 

We didn't buy a cheese board, just some Stilton and Brie, as the fridge is full of cheddar and red leicester because the little corner shop which I have been getting bargains for closed down, everything in the freezers and chillers even though in good date where being sold off at ridiculous prices, and not liking to miss out we bought as much as we could fit in the freezer, carte d'or ice cream was only 70p a tub, Magnums only 70p a box, I had about 10 blocks of cheese for 40p each, stork baking butter for 25p  and much more.

I also stocked up on toothpaste last week I spotted these on the clearance shelf in Asda.

The fridge and freezer and cupboards are never bare here, there are so many bargains to be had.

Today I have had a very productive morning despite having a banging headache, John has a really bad cold again and neither of us has had much sleep.
So before 10.30 I changed the sheets, did the washing, washed and unloaded the dishes, made a pork casserole in the slow cooker, cleaned the cooker inside and out.

Did the ironing from yesterday, and steamed the kitchen floor.

If I can find some energy I shall have a little walk later, if not we might have a relaxing lazy afternoon, watch a film and have a snooze on the sofa. Tomorrow is another day anything else what needs doing will have to wait.