Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Welcome to my new follower Jess y.

Hope you are all keeping well and warm, temperatures have really dropped it was -4 here last night.

It has just been a normal thrifty week for us so far.

This week I noticed the dishwasher tablets I buy had gone up 30p, saving money is going to get a lot harder with all the price rises, so I need to be more thrifty.

I have never bothered much with batch cooking for the freezer, we have only got a small freezer, and I don't want to fill it up with all the same things. But when making something it is a sensible to cook a double lot. So I have decided that when I get my reduced bargains instead of just putting all the meat right in the freezer I should do something with it, saving me time and electric.

So I made two Cottage Pies - one to eat and one for the freezer.

Using reduced items of course.

I bought one pack of mince for £1.75 and the next day bought the other one for just 75p, I visit a little local shop daily now as they have so many bargains if you get there first thing in the morning.

Whilst the potatoes were boiling I thought it was a good idea to cook some veg, so this will just be popped in the microwave later to go with this weeks Cottage Pie. Also I used the water from the steamer to make the jug of gravy.

Some reduced plums stewed down with some apple and spices- to be used for breakfast with yogurt or to go on the top of porridge.

I buy our cheese from Farm Foods as it is such good value. But if served in great big chunks in a sandwich it disappears in no time, so it gets grated and put into tubs, this way it uses less in a sandwich and it makes life easy when there is grated cheese to hand.

Tonight's tea will be a sausage plait with some baked beans.

Sausage Meat - which I have had in the freezer for ages , it was 9p, yes 9p, The pastry was 55p as where the mushrooms, a few onions, and some homegrown peppers from the freezer, that will be another cheap and tasty meal.

More thrifty things.

I have done a bit of hand washing as well, when there has just been an odd few items to wash. Saving the water of course.

I have just sorted out more books and dvd's and sold on ,and made another £23.99, which is amazing as they were all second hand and I got more than what I paid for them.

Still more to sort out in the next day or two.

I received a £10 gift voucher, this will go towards a Turkey Crown. I also have £25 of vouchers from Morrisons's which I saved in the last year, I did have more but I had to use some before they expired.
We are going to have a simple Christmas, we usually have a little buffet Christmas Eve, then there will be a three course lunch on Christmas Day, Boxing Day is leftovers, I have made our Christmas cake, just need to decorate it, a few mince pies and a yule log, and a tub of chocolates, a few bottles of wine, what more do you need, we shan't be filling a trolley up to the brim at the supermarket and then gorging ourselves silly for the following weeks after.

I do love plants and flowers indoors, but avoiding the potted bulbs in the Supermarkets for £5.00 upwards I planted my own.

I have several pots of Hyacinths all planted at different times, I am hoping when one finishes I can bring another one in.

I have bought a couple in from the greenhouse which are just coming through.

Amaryliss just starting to show - the first time I have grown one of these.

The Christmas Decorations will be coming out at the weekend so I will be back then with a festive post.

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