Thursday, 3 November 2016

Making the Money Work Harder

It's all been doom and gloom in the news since "Brexit"

Nestle have said they might follow Unilever and raise it's prices, a certain tea company has said that the cost of importing tea has increased by 50%. New figures show that October saw the price of petrol rise more than any other month since 2013. Diesel increased by 5.2 pence per litre ending the month at £1.13 .

It just goes on and on.

Parliament must now vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU.

For those of us saving, living on a budget or fixed income, whatever happens we will have to cope.

Look how people coped with rationing in the war, we are such a wasteful society now.  If you are struggling financially you need to look at ways to save money &  make money. 

We refuse to let our outgoings increase.

We will be carrying on with the yellow sticker shopping, and cutting down as much as we can, I emptying the cupboards ready for next years challenge. Monitoring the energy  and water usage even more. 

Times could get really tough for us we need to be chancellors of our own exchequer and make the most of every penny.

So are you changing the way you spend ? Or what are you doing to prepare for the worst if the prices start to soar?