Monday, 7 November 2016

How was your day ?

Welcome to my two new followers Helen & Lyn, wow I am getting near 100 now, that's amazing.

So my day...

I have no set routines I just do what ever I fancy depending how I feel, I just go with the flow.

After another sleepless night got up at 7.15.

Very cold, heating on.

Preparing the breakfast for John & Myself.

We always have breakfast in bed, and a nice little natter .

A little read for me whilst John is having a shower.
I like it when he goes first warms the bathroom up for me.

My turn in the bathroom all done and dusted , ready for the day.

Bed made.

A look in the washing basket...

Not much washing so that will have to wait for another day, I only run the machine when it is full.

Next job take any rubbish or recycling out.

Wipe around the kitchen surfaces and give the floor a sweep.

Then it's coat and boots on ready to go out.

Off to the hospital for a follow up appointment - (don't worry all is well).

 Then off to the garage to book the car in for the end of the week. It has been recalled some problems with wiring.

Back home , missed elevenses .

But still in need of a coffee and biscuit.

Next meal prep for this evening sorted.

Dishwasher on.

Time to give the kitchen floor a steam clean.

Off to the office now sort out some things for posting.

Check the email.

Back to the kitchen to unload the dishwasher.

Then time for a spot of lunch , I don't always have lunch but today I was hungry so I had a small bowl of homemade Pumpkin Soup.

Next job clean the bathroom.

Then Jack had to go up Uni for a short while, so I popped to the post office, then up to Asda. I am still fuming from my visit, the lady at the till was arguing about the price of something and she just wouldn't have it , I was right she was wrong, so I had a little moan to management on the way out, and they couldn't care less, I am really getting fed up with Asda lately always problems when I go there.

So time to get hold of customer service online and let them know what I think of them.

Next job an hour on the computer checking survey sites, coupon sites and freebie sites, this is something I do daily.

Then a clean in the office, (well that's what I call it), the room with the computer and printer in. Cupboards and drawers sorted , everything cleaned and dusted.

After all that it is time to go and sort the tea out.

Then I shall be putting my feet up and relaxing.

Sometimes I feel I have been on the go all day but not done that much.
So how was your day ? Have you had a busy one ?