Saturday, 26 November 2016


Hello & Welcome to my new followers Melissa & Helen .

I can't believe it has been over a week since I posted here, I guess it is that time of year when there is always so much to do, and also I seem to spend more time on Instagram now.

Now I am not a naturally crafty person, I sold both of my sewing machines this year, I had a basic one and I won a really expensive one in a competition, I don't really enjoy sewing and am not really good at it, and another factor my eyes are getting worse, I have two pairs of glasses, one for computer work and one for reading/ close up work.

I have done a few crafty things this week though.

I was looking for a really large pinecone but couldn't find one, but spotted a pinecone candle.

With a few bits and bobs I turned it into a little Christmas Tree. The base is an empty tea light holder with some glittery tape wrapped around it.

As I say sewing is not my thing but I spotted a felt decoration kit in Poundland , it had everthing you need apart from glue to make three heart Christmas Decorations, ( I did modify mine a bit ) .The stitching is not brilliant but not to bad for the first time doing blanket stitch.

Then I made some more gift tags.

I have a big bag of recycled greetings cards and magazine scraps/images, so I have decided I should make a few cards every week.

This was one of the slate hearts which I bought at the Christmas Market for £1.00 .

I have always fancied trying Decoupage, so thought I would give it a go.

I gave the heart two coats of emulsion, I bought several of these from Asda for the bargain price of 40p a while back.

Then I found these lovely Robin serviettes.

First you have to remove  the top layer of the serviette , then slightly dampen a paint brush and go around the image.

 Then you go around gently tear it away, it doesn't matter how scruffy it looks as long as you use a suitable background paint colour it will blend in.

Then I used some of this wonderful Mod Podge stuff , it acts as a glue, sealer and finish all in one.
 I placed the image on the heart and glued over the top of it, it is a very delicate job as you have to be careful not to tear the serviette. I allowed to dry over night and then gave the whole heart covering with it to finish it off, it just gives it a slight varnished look.

Just to mention if it looks a bit blotchy in a few areas, it is because it wasn't completely dry when I took this picture.

I have to say I really enjoyed making it and was quite impressed, not bad for my first go, and it was easy, I think I have found a craft I will enjoy, I have some more projects in mind now.

So are you crafty or not ? What is your favourite craft ?