Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Bit of a random post

Hello and welcome to my new follower Ailsa.

Another month bites the dust.

It certainly feels like November now, it is cold & grey, I feel quite miserable, I think the winter blues are setting in. 

This is the view from our drive.

The washing is now taking all day to dry, and then not completely.

Can't believe it is November and the Summer Flowers are still going.

The Bulb planting is nearly finished.

Still need to get some more Autumn/Winter plants in, I have made a start.

The heating is going on in the mornings now and today I was cold so I put it on for half an hour, warmer jumpers and socks have come out. 
My husband keeps going on about having an electric blanket , but as I am suffering from night sweats really badly I will not be agreeing to it, instead I have bought a couple of hot water bottles.

 A lovely Beef Stew is simmering away in the slow cooker.

This will be followed by some more lovely Pumpkin Pie with  Ginger  Whipped Cream.

Jack made this last night and it was lovely.

I have just returned from Asda , all the Halloween things and sweeties are all reduced.
A couple of these fell into the trolley.

The Christmas decorations have appeared.

I do like a few new decorations every year, I picked up a big bag from the car boot sale which had 4 sets of lights in and a few other nice bits for £1.00. The things which I didn't want went to the Charity Shops.

I picked up a few things in Home Bargains last week. 

I will just pick up a few odd bits every week but saying that I might hang on as there are always so many on Freecycle.

I have found a few nice things at the Car boot sale and Charity shops this week.

Really pleased with these for £1.00

£1.25 for three Royal Doulton Plates.

A new long necklace £2.50

A new boxed hanging crystal £2.00

My hanging crystals.

Meet my new friend
Terry the Tortoise, he is very life like.

Saw him on the table for £1.00 so thought I would give him a good home. He's took a liking to the Lupins already.

Some more Violet China for my collection.

£1.00 each.

So that's it for now folks, I will try and shake off these winter blues and hopefully my blogging mojo will return, I have a birthday coming up on the 10th so I am sure we will do something nice for the day . 

So keep well and warm x