Monday, 17 October 2016

Welcome to my new follower Tania, I can't believe I have had four new followers in 2 days, brilliant !

Well we have been warned about the "Brexit" food price rises, I have noticed several things in the last few days that have gone up not by just a couple of pence,  I have noticed some of my regular buys have gone up one by 32p and one by 35p, it is shocking.

So for all us folks on a budget or living on a small income, we need to shop smarter. 

I am doing very well with the "yellow sticker" shopping, but yellow stickers are mostly on fresh foods.

So when I spot an offer on something we regularly use I have to make the most of it.

250g jars of Marmite are on offer for £2.00 in Asda (usually £2.35) and I printed off some 40p off coupons. So with the offer and my coupons I saved 75p a jar.

So as well as "yellow sticker" shopping, I am going to concentrate more on making the most of deals which when you use a coupon makes it even better.

I don't just go out and buy something just because there is a coupon, I check out all the supermarkets and see if there are any offers.

Another thing which I am loving are shopping apps, sometimes you can get things completely free, sometimes you can claim more than once, myself, husband and son are all registered with a few companies, the favourite and the one which has the best deals is  and there are also a few others companies which are not so good which we occasionally use.

If you haven't tried them it is worth looking into it. You simply purchase the product  and then upload your receipt , and the money gets paid back to you through Paypal.

You must remember if you are claiming on more than one account, put the item through as a seperate transaction.

I spotted a new offer today.

So today I picked up these.

Usually £2.00 a pack. 

But using checkout smart, they are completely free.

So unless money is no object we all need to be more savvy shoppers.

So have you noticed any big prices rises in the supermarket ?