Thursday, 6 October 2016

Welcome to my new follower G.Hudson.

Yesterday it was very nippy here and is mean't to be getting even colder next week, have you lit the fire or put the heating on yet? Well we haven't yet but I don't think it will be long, in the evenings whilst on the sofa I just use a throw to keep snug. I am all for saving money but I suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis, I haven't had it for years but it has flaring up big time the last few weeks, so when I feel the need the heating will have to go on just for an hour in the morning and evening to start.

So as you know I am always looking to save more, yesterday whilst doing my daily internet routine I came across this offer...

I currently buy a TV magazine which is the cheapest one for 52p.

So I took up this offer for 12 issues of the Radio times for £1

You can pick a date when you want it to start from , I chose the  first date which  was 18th Oct, this means I will get the Christmas issue as well.

It is by Direct Debit but just remember to cancel it, I have done these sort of offers in the past and never had any problems cancelling.

The Maths -so the usual magazine would cost £6.24 for 12 issues- Radio Times £1.00 for 12 issues   - a saving of  £5.24  over 12 weeks.

Any savings we make all goes into the pot, pennies soon turn into pounds.

And we need a very fat piggy....