Sunday, 2 October 2016

Keeping an eye on Spending

I have seen a few bloggers who are doing a stop spending or monitor the spending for October, I have decided I am having a few months of clearing the store cupboards, (non perishable goods). I have proved living here in the city it is never going to be hard to find a bargain, we are practically living off reduced foods . I have gone a bit mad lately with the bargains. I am only going to buy fresh meat, veg, fruit, salad for a few months, there are enough non perishable goods to last until after Christmas, the cupboards are bulging , I have a wardrobe in the spare room which has ended up half full, and also the cupboard in my dresser in the lounge is full of food items, so that's enough time to take control.

So I went up Morrison's this afternoon, my son comes with me and between us we managed to get a good haul of fresh goodies, enough meals for the week.

I also bought some butter and this morning in the small local I bought bread for 25p.

I picked up these as well.
A freebie from Checkout smart (the offer finishes today)

Also my son now gets at 10% student discount at Morrison's which is nice.

So total grocery spend for this month so far is £11.13.

We certainly are saving on the food bill now.

I am also monitoring the gas, electric and water to see how much we are spending.

We have pre paid meters which were already here when we moved in, I have to say I actually prefer them, better than having a huge bill land on the door mat.

Any one else making cut backs on spending ?