Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Everyday Money Saving - Part One

So we now live a much more simple and frugal life style. We try and cut back the cost of every day living and still maintain a decent lifestyle.

If you think saving a few pence here and there isn't going to make a difference  then think again, do you have a goal like saving for a deposit, saving for a holiday or car etc or do you have a debt you need to clear?

A few cut backs here and there can make all the difference, anything you save can go right into the savings pot.

We have all heard the saying take care of the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.

If you choose not to work long hours to bring more money in you need to look at reducing your expenditure in order to save.

Here are things we do to reduce our outgoings.

Starting with the Utilities.

Some things may not be to every ones taste or liking, and may seem a bit like desperate measures,  but that's fine, each to there own, the things we do are second nature to us now.

Hopefully the ideas and tips may help someone who is looking to save or someone starting out on the frugal journey.

We have a prepayment meter for the gas & electric, (this was already here when we moved in ) we actually prefer this, better than having a big bill land on the door mat, we can see and monitor just how much we are using. We do lots of things to save on the utilities.

Unless there is a severe dry spell we always have plenty of water for the garden we had one water butt before but have now acquired another three from Freecycle, so there is plenty of water for the vegetable and plants, and cleaning the patio, washing the car that sort of thing.

Houseplants are watered with water from the garden.

Or if I boil some eggs I use that water.

As it takes a while for the boiler to kick in here and takes a while for the  hot water to come through, when the shower is turned on a bucket is placed underneath . It is the same with the bathroom sink & kitchen sink we don't just run the water down the drain we use a plastic jug and then pour it into a bucket, also if i have for example just put some water into the sink just to wash my face I will scoop as much of the water out as I can before pulling the plug.The same with any water used for cleaning in the kitchen.

I wash certain things on a longer & higher temperature, but everyday clothes, just go on a short quick wash , which saves electric and water.

If anything is stained it gets soaked overnight in a bucket, and the water is kept after.

All this saved water gets used for flushing the toilet.

I have a tumble dryer , but it doesn't get used much, mostly for drying towels and sheets in the winter. 

Most of the time I plan the washing around the forecast, even if I can get it half dry it gets finished off on the clothes airer.

I use the slow cooker quite a lot in the winter months, they are extremely cheap to run.

I only have a three drawer freezer, so have to confess I don't really "batch cook" but If whilst cooking the tea in the oven there is a spare shelf, I will pop in some cakes, biscuits or maybe a few quiches for the freezer.

We have a small dishwasher here which gets used daily, it goes on the shortest cycle and lowest temperature 30 degrees, and it gets everything washed and dried within 20 mins.

In the Winter months we use the gas sparingly, when it gets cold it usually goes on just in the morning whilst we are getting up, and maybe in the evening, but saying that if there is a really cold snap the timer is set so that if the temperature really drops it will come on. In the day we are usually busy so don't really get that cold. 

At the moment we have only had it on about 4 times in the morning whilst we have been getting up and if it gets a bit chilly in the evening we have a throw to snuggle up with on the sofa. We have also had a new roof in the last week so the place should be warmer, it is not really a "cold" bungalow.

Everything when not being used is switched off nothing is left on standby.

We charge the mobile phones by plugging them into the computer whilst we are using it. 

We use energy efficient light bulbs.

Only the right amount of water gets put into the kettle.

Water from steaming the veg will get used for making the gravy.

There are many ways to save a few pennies, most of these things are nothing new to most of us, but if it helps someone on their frugal journey all well and good.
 I will be doing some more posts again soon about my thrifty goings on around the home.