Friday, 21 October 2016

Every Day Money Saving - Part Two

Here are some more things I do to save money.

Composting - we have had quite a few lots out of the compost bin here, and I have to say the Tomatoes which where planted using that compost in pots in the greenhouse actually produced nicer Toms.

Soap Dispensers are used for the Shampoo and Conditioner - ensuring we don't use too much.

If I can't find a really good deal on hand wash I fill the dispensers with foam bath.

The supermarket value bleach gets decanted into smaller bottles.
Laundry Liquids - always use less then stated.

Dishwasher Tablets- Once upon a time I bought the two well known branded ones but now I buy these from Home Bargains for £1.69 and they work just as well.

I heard some people only use half a tablet, so I have just experimented on the last two lots of dishes and I have to say it they came out just as clean & sparkly as usual. So now I can do 60 washes for £1.69. Brilliant.

Free samples - there are several freebie sites out there, this is just some of my samples I have collected in 12 months. Certainly worth doing.

Magazines - Well I don't buy them anymore unless they are from the Car boot sale for 20p/30p, there are also two free local magazines delivered every month, and another two free local ones which are in the Supermarket , and then there are Supermarket free magazines, when I have finished with the magazines before they are taken to the recycling, I cut out any nice images and use for card making.

I reuse gift bags, keep any ribbons etc.

The charity bags which come through the door and they never come back to collect get used in the recycling bin. Any bags from fruit and veg get used in the bathroom pedal bin. Bread bags, trays, packaging get kept for using for the freezer.

Any jars are kept for so then I can always make some preserves and chutneys out of the yellow sticker bargains I find.

We have a greenhouse and small area for growing, and managed to produce a nice little daily harvest.

I don't buy supermarket herbs, I grow my own in pots and take cuttings as well.

I have harvested seeds this year as well.

One the best ways to save is at the Supermarket.

When there is a good deal on a regular purchase I make the most of it.

Yellow sticker shopping is saving us so much.

I am using coupons, and shopping apps more and combining with the supermarket 
deals this is saving so much.

This is what I got today.
It only cost me a grand total of £2.00

Old cloths & flannels are kept for cleaning cloths.

Make up remover wipes are torn in half.

I have started using baking tray liners, which saves on parchment and foils, they only cost a few pounds each and some can last up to 1000 uses.

I start buying gifts in January in the sales, and also buy from carboots and charity shops, you can find lots of "new" items .

This years Christmas wrap was bought in January for 20p a roll.

So there are a few more ideas for anyone who is starting on their  "Frugal Living" or Money Saving journey.

I still have several more of these posts to do when I get time.