Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Charity Shops

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As well as the good old car boot, I love a potter around the charity shops.

Some people just don't like the idea of second hand goods and prefer to buy new and wouldn't step foot in one.

Charity shops are brilliant, recycling all sorts of things which might have ended up in landfill.

The charity shop gives me a chance to find something at a much lower price , I do not put money in charity boxes but when I buy something from the shop I feel happy that I have helped a little to support a good cause.

 In the small Devon town where we used to live there was one charity shop and it was tiny. So to get things out the door things where priced so cheaply it was unbelievable. I am very interested in collectables and found some nice things in the past , kept for a while and then sold for a very nice profit. Now most of the bigger in town charity shops have experts come in and value items, I know they have big rents to pay, but some of the prices are just crazy, but there are a few out there which are reasonable.

I have bought lots of clothes over the years , many with labels still attached and some lovely things for the home.

I paid £2.00 for our bedroom curtains, this photo doesn't do them justice they are a light gold and have a satin feel, , they are lovely & fully lined.

I needed a new sensible/everyday winter coat, I have a really long coat and several jackets, and thinner coats which don't keep me warm enough.

My husband spotted this one it was as new it was £7.50 but still a bargain it is a lovely coat.

One shop sells any three items of clothing for £4.99, I had three items and this dress was included.
We don't go out to posh events hardly ever, At least if there is a family announcement/big occasion, I always have something nice without going out and spending ridiculous money.

The Marks and Spencers sandals were new, bought for £1.00, the bag also from M&S was £3.99 .

Those three items cost a total of £6.65, a real bargain.

We popped into a couple whilst passing today, but there was nothing exciting there, I only came home with a little purple glass vase and a plant pot for the grand total of £1.58.

So do you buy from charity shops? Have you ever found anything worth a lot of money?