Sunday, 9 October 2016

Car Boot Goodies

The Car Boot Sale has usually finished now but this year they are going to try and run it until Christmas. The same one is on both Saturday & Sunday, we also go to another early morning one on Sundays, but that will be stopping soon.

This weeks purchases.

An apple peeling machine, which cores, peels and slices, it says you can use it for potatoes as well.

Bought for £1.00

A carrier bag full of Card Making items £2.00

Winter Pansies £1.00 a tray

Much cheaper than buying from the garden centre.

Love these frilly ones.

A lady had a whole table full of Streptocarpus, I have never seen one before they were just beautiful. 
I chose my favourite colour purple for £4.00.

Not much but some lovely things.