Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Shopping Spree

A shopping spree .... what's she doing having a shopping spree after the last few thrifty /frugal posts I here you say.

Well our son wanted to have a hair cut yesterday afternoon, we hardly ever go up to the town so despite being laid up on the sofa for a while before lunch, ( I have the lurgy - cough cough splutter.) I thought I would pull myself together and get out into the fresh air.

Cheltenham has the high street like any other town, but then it has the posher areas, with lovely shops and boutiques. 

So where did I go...

To good old Poundland, I always pop in when we are up there to see if there is anything I fancy, well with all this being a tightwad most of the time a girl does deserve a little treat now and then.

These were a real bargain, very pretty colours.

 You can pick up some good end of line/range cosmetics.

I found a nice Maybelline silver liquid eyeliner and two max factor eyeshadows.

Oops see the black plastic bits I wrecked it a bit on the way back home.

A few other things caught my eye.

A Jane Asher Pink Sieve and an  Icing Bag Set.

Purple Metallic Paint my favourite colour I have something in mind for that.

If any one can buy Tea Lights cheaper than this or in bulk anywhere please let me know.

After tea the men had to go to B & Q so I thought I would tag along and pop into Home Bargains which is next door.

Beautiful Butterflies for my cardmaking 59p each

This was a bargain, I am hopping they will get some different sets in.

And still on the Christmas theme a little cookie cutter 39p.

So apart from the £7 on make-up the rest of the items where useful and practical.

So a nice little shop which did not break the bank.