Sunday, 11 September 2016

We always look forward to Sundays and going to the car boot sale, the one we go to is huge. Sellers have to pay more if they go in before 12 pm and buyers if they go in before 12 pm  have to pay £1 early entry, which we do, we can have a good look around when there are less buyers about. Then another lot of sellers come in at 12 pm. So there are hundreds of cars, we spend about three hours there most weeks.

My Husband comes back with things for his shed.

These were my purchases today.

Herb Dryer - 50p

Two brand new Ladybird books - 50p each

My favourite purchase today - brand new really good quality large bird feeder £5.00

In the colder months we had trouble with Starlings, now the table has been modified so they can't get on it and this feeder will be filled up with suet and they won't be able to get at it. 

A dozen Dwarf Snap Dragons - £2.50

Veg - £2.00 the lot

 Pretty Milk Jug - 50p

Brand new with tags on still Hat - £1.00

A very pretty Note Book for £1.00

Brand new Boots No 7 Pedicure Set - £2.00

I also picked up lots of new gifts for Christmas which I cannot show here for obvious reasons.

After that I popped up to Morrison's Pharmacy to take my prescription in, I was mean't to be being good and not buying any more bargains, but at these prices they had to come home with me.

Lovely flowers for 28p

I  picked up these soups a few days ago, there is a £1.00 coupon on the website, they are on offer in Asda and Morrison's for £1.00 , we have several emails accounts between us so I printed of six. Completely free.

I love a bargain, it is possible to live well for less.