Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Veg versus Flowers

Welcome to my new follower Tammy.

I have been having a little think about growing veg.

This is the little area next to the green house which I planted Spring Onions, Carrot and Spinach in last week along with the Cabbages.

I am now thinking is it really worth it with all the bargains I am regularly picking up?

I would still use the green house and would grow Tomatoes, Peppers and Courgettes in pots and maybe just a few spuds in a small area of the above patch. And some lettuce and radish in grow bags/pots in the greenhouse.

I rather like the idea of having a little flower cutting patch.

These are the Dahlias today still going strong.

I just love the idea of bringing flowers from the garden indoors whenever I fancy.

What do you think ?

Which way would you go ?