Thursday, 29 September 2016

Decluttering - Selling Online

I am in decluttering mode, we all end up with things we don't use or need any more and I always have a little decluttering session a couple of times a year.

I have spent the last few weeks sorting through books, dvds and cd's.

We use to sell at car boots , with so many  ways to sell online, we prefer to do it this way in the comfort of home.

Books, dvds and cd's unless you have a collection or something which is currently trending can be difficult to sell on Ebay and Amazon, as they are usually flooded with the same items.

I only buy books now from either the charity shop , car boot sale or from Amazon where you can buy some lovely books for 1p with £2.80 postage. So I don't pay much for them.

In the past I have always just taken them to the charity shop.

This time I thought I would try a few of these online places where you can sell them all in one place.

I have sent off two parcels.

I used &

For anyone who does not know you type in the barcode or ISBN no and they give you a value.

I have been quite surprised with what I have got back for some and very disappointed with others.

You just take them to one of the many parcel shops or you can have them collected for free, you just box them up and print out your label, it's very easy.

Just sorted a few more out ready to be packed.

I have quite a bit to sort through still, I have just counted the cook books, I have 43, didn't realise I had that many, and I still have to sort cd's.

With the few lots I have sold I have only made just over £20 , but considering how little I pay for them that is quite acceptable.

Clears the clutter and brings in some extra pennies .

Every little helps .