Sunday, 18 September 2016

Busy Day

Now it is turning cooler the cool morning and night air were beginning to spoil the last of the Tomatoes which were outside, so I decided to dig them.

The last being left in the greenhouse hopefully they will ripen.

Still one Tomato plant in a bucket in the greenhouse.

I still have Chillies and 3 Pepper plants in the greenhouse.

Cabbages are looking well.

I have topped the growing area up with fresh compost.

The Courgettes came to life again still have some baby ones on so I will wait a few weeks to see if they are going to be ok or if they start rotting I will dig them up.

I have sown some Carrots, Spring Onions and Giant Winter Spinach.

 I have sown a few more Cabbages so these can go in where the Courgettes are when they have finished.

In a grow sack in the green house some winter lettuce has been sown.

 So that's it for me for the growing part of it this year.

Next week I will start thinking about the rest of the garden and get the bulbs out.

Only a few purchases from the carboot.

A pretty Duchess Violets milk jug on a saucer for £1.00

My Voilet collection is slowly coming together. It is quite hard to get Violet china.

A Spode Christmas Tree design cake plate for £2.00

And a lovely padded apron from Dunelm for £1.00

Then off to get some bargains.

All of that for £7.30  a huge saving .

I never just go and do a normal shop anymore I just pick up bits here and there.

Hope you have had a good weekend.