Sunday, 18 September 2016

Busy Day

Now it is turning cooler the cool morning and night air were beginning to spoil the last of the Tomatoes which were outside, so I decided to dig them.

The last being left in the greenhouse hopefully they will ripen.

Still one Tomato plant in a bucket in the greenhouse.

I still have Chillies and 3 Pepper plants in the greenhouse.

Cabbages are looking well.

I have topped the growing area up with fresh compost.

The Courgettes came to life again still have some baby ones on so I will wait a few weeks to see if they are going to be ok or if they start rotting I will dig them up.

I have sown some Carrots, Spring Onions and Giant Winter Spinach.

 I have sown a few more Cabbages so these can go in where the Courgettes are when they have finished.

In a grow sack in the green house some winter lettuce has been sown.

 So that's it for me for the growing part of it this year.

Next week I will start thinking about the rest of the garden and get the bulbs out.

Only a few purchases from the carboot.

A pretty Duchess Violets milk jug on a saucer for £1.00

My Voilet collection is slowly coming together. It is quite hard to get Violet china.

A Spode Christmas Tree design cake plate for £2.00

And a lovely padded apron from Dunelm for £1.00

Then off to get some bargains.

All of that for £7.30  a huge saving .

I never just go and do a normal shop anymore I just pick up bits here and there.

Hope you have had a good weekend.


  1. the mushroom risotto in the previous post looks amazing. I love mushrooms.

    Wow. You never cease to amaze me with your bargain finding ability. I'm sure if I looked harder I could find more bargains, but I'm too lazy. Mind you, I did buy two corn on the cob in Asda yesterday for 20 p. Made sure I ate it yesterday too as it wouldn't have lasted, but I could have cooked and frozen it. That's a very Marlene way of thinking! :O)

    love your violets collection. You're right, violet decorated china isn't easy to find. Love the festive plate, so pretty.

    We spent time clearing the garden. My tomatoes in the greenhouse look fine, and I have about three pods of peas (I put them in very late, so I'm rather pleased with my paltry gathering), and I picked my white pumpkin as it had stopped growing. Bit disappointing with our home grown goodies this year, though I've yet to gather in the apples!


    1. Morning Sadie I am a big Mushroom fan, sometimes I will cook them in butter and have on some toast - lovely.
      Sundays is definitely the day for bargains here, a 20 p bargain for you that was good, I love corn on the cob.
      Shame about your growing efforts, I guess we all have years like this, home grown apples will be nice though.xx

  2. My tomatoes have been dismal this year, for the first time in years. I resorted to buying a load yesterday to freeze for winter soups. You certainly got some great bargains. I love the Spode plate, stunning.

    1. Many people have said the same, I suppose it just depends where you live, I love soups I eat them all year round but have many more in the winter.

  3. Brilliant buys! I love the violet jug and Christmas plate especially....amazing prices too x

    1. Thankyou it just goes to show you can live well on less doesn't it xx

  4. I just read one of your comments on another blog and have realised you've not been well. Hope you feel much better now Marlene.....sending gentle hugs xxx

  5. You have your bargain trips down to a fine art now. Great bargains that will stretch that budget even further. Well done. Tx

    1. I have just started using cash back apps as well now xx

  6. You are a bargain hunter extraordinaire !
    I only do a shopping trip once in three or four weeks and always go to Lidl. I go out of my way NOT to buy brand names but every now and then I need some more 'exotic' ingredients (like Hoisin sauce as an example) for which I pop into the other (expensive) supermarket.
    When running out of milk or bread we visit the local grocery store in the village.
    The cost of our shopping has gone way down since we have our freezer well stocked with our own pork and chicken, I must say. The meat is of much better quality and the overall cost of raising is much lower than you would expect.
    We've cleared out all the tomatoes from the greenhouse, but I've left the pepper and chilli plants. They still seem healthy and strong enough. We share our cabbages with the slugs. ;) xxx...x

    1. Hi Patricia yes I am getting quite professional at it now, I only used to do a shopping trip every few weeks when we lived out of town, but now I prefer to do lots of small shops. We used to buy home reared meat from a friend and it was delicious xx

  7. We had the mushroom risotto last night and it was oh so delicious. The rest of the wine was put to good use too. You've done really well with your garden produce this year. Our garden is only small but I'm clearing out the raised bed in the hope we can produce something ourselves next year. The China is beautiful. X

    1. Thankyou Jules glad you liked it, very pleased with how the garden turned out, good luck with your garden planning for next year, I do love pretty china, if only I had more room xxx


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