Tuesday, 20 September 2016

As Britney Sang....

OOPS I did it again.................

I usually buy Bertolli with Butter and stock up when it is on offer as it is our favourite, with only a scrape left in the fridge and no offers I walked up Asda after tea and ended up picking up one of these instead.

I rang my husband told him I would need picking up, I do drive myself but always walk when I don't need much.

The reason for not walking back was I walked past the clearance shelf and spotted this lot.

Ideal for..............
Pies, crumbles, cheescake toppings, stirred through yogurt.

Mandarins 25p 

Pineapple 20p

Shortcrust pastry mix 4 of those 30p each.

Cake cases 11p

Decorations - 25p

Never bought frosting before but thought I would for 50p.
Silver Balls for Christmas bakes 24p.
Ice cream Sprinkles 44p

Hundreds and Thousands 12p

 Blueberries 38p
Lemons & Limes 25p
Lettuce 10p

2 packs of green beans 30p each
Broad Beans 34p

Veg pack 23p
Potatoes 12p

Grand total with the butter £13.31


It's true I am getting quite addicted to bargains, but I am thinking about all the money we will save in the long run, then we can reach our savings goal.