Monday, 5 September 2016

A great big thankyou - Meal Plan Monday & Approved Food

First of all a big massive thankyou to lovely Patricia from here.

She has celebrated her 10th blogiversary. 
She hosted a giveaway and offered an extremely generous prize of a £30 Amazon gift voucher.

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked my email this morning, I was lucky and won it.

I have a massive Amazon wish list, so I got right in there and had a little book buying spree, when they have all arrived I will show what I bought.

Once again thankyou Patricia, you made my day x

As I mentioned last week I do an order for Approved Foods three maybe four times  a year.

My order was not included in my new monthly lower the grocery spend challenge as it was paid for in August.

Anyway this is what I received today.

A few naughty treats.

Even some treats for my feathered friends.

As written on the Approved foods invoice

Total inc postage £67.98.
Total RRP £171.66
Saved on Goods £112.18

Also since Friday I bought a few more things, bringing September total up to £26.75.

I have decided I have an addiction to Bargains and need to get a grip , looking through the cupboards they are packed as is the freezer. I have several hundreds of pounds sat in the cupboards.

So I am going to stop spending now, the permanent budget for groceries is going to be £100  a month, that's it, no more.

I will do it.

My son needs a few ingredients for baking which I have run out of so he is going up to get those later, only a few things though, so unless it is something I have run out of and need for a recipe, I will only be buying the essentials like dairy, fruit , veg and salad.

So time to tackle the cupboards and stop spending.
The only other thing I will be picking up from the Supermarket are freebies from coupons.

I have made up a meal plan which will see me through several weeks. I don't stick to certain things on certain days I will just decide which meal I will do the night before.

So the menu is:

Stirfry ( we had this tonight)

Sausage Casserole
Savoury Pancakes
Cottage Pie
Tuna Fishcakes
Jacket Potato, cheese & beans,
All day breakfast
A few roast's
Salads - I like a salad at least twice a week