Monday, 5 September 2016

A great big thankyou - Meal Plan Monday & Approved Food

First of all a big massive thankyou to lovely Patricia from here.

She has celebrated her 10th blogiversary. 
She hosted a giveaway and offered an extremely generous prize of a £30 Amazon gift voucher.

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked my email this morning, I was lucky and won it.

I have a massive Amazon wish list, so I got right in there and had a little book buying spree, when they have all arrived I will show what I bought.

Once again thankyou Patricia, you made my day x

As I mentioned last week I do an order for Approved Foods three maybe four times  a year.

My order was not included in my new monthly lower the grocery spend challenge as it was paid for in August.

Anyway this is what I received today.

A few naughty treats.

Even some treats for my feathered friends.

As written on the Approved foods invoice

Total inc postage £67.98.
Total RRP £171.66
Saved on Goods £112.18

Also since Friday I bought a few more things, bringing September total up to £26.75.

I have decided I have an addiction to Bargains and need to get a grip , looking through the cupboards they are packed as is the freezer. I have several hundreds of pounds sat in the cupboards.

So I am going to stop spending now, the permanent budget for groceries is going to be £100  a month, that's it, no more.

I will do it.

My son needs a few ingredients for baking which I have run out of so he is going up to get those later, only a few things though, so unless it is something I have run out of and need for a recipe, I will only be buying the essentials like dairy, fruit , veg and salad.

So time to tackle the cupboards and stop spending.
The only other thing I will be picking up from the Supermarket are freebies from coupons.

I have made up a meal plan which will see me through several weeks. I don't stick to certain things on certain days I will just decide which meal I will do the night before.

So the menu is:

Stirfry ( we had this tonight)

Sausage Casserole
Savoury Pancakes
Cottage Pie
Tuna Fishcakes
Jacket Potato, cheese & beans,
All day breakfast
A few roast's
Salads - I like a salad at least twice a week 


  1. I looked at approved foods a couple of times but cant get to grips with the ordering/weight thing. Like you I need to knuckle down and use the food I have. I'm hoping to get through October with just a few purchases.

    1. Hi Angie, it depends on how much and how heavy I suppose, I paid up on postage which was £8.50 but it is still worth it.

  2. I think I might be coming to your house for tea

  3. Hi there, found your blog last week, I think via Frugal Queen. I was wondering what "Approved Foods" means? I am enjoying reading and have a bit of catching up to do with your previous posts. Cheers from Liz in Oz.

  4. Our freezer is now full again with our home grown veg. There are just the 2 of us now at home. Although we could eat a variety of meals from stuff we have, we sometimes just have good old cheese on toast!

    1. Simple and cheap meals are the best, x

  5. Congratulations, what a great giveaway to win. I've never used Approved Foods but I've seen a few people's posts when they've had a delivery, it looks like you can save quite a bit.

    1. Thankyou Jo I was very happy to win I will have plenty of reading material for winter.


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